Pub Crawl Champs: Two Dudes Down Drinks at 99 Pubs in 24 Hours, Earning Guinness World Record

Two chums in Australia broke the Guinness World Record for most bar visits in one night. The world record agency said that Harry Kooros and Jake Loiterton visited 99 pubs in 24 hours, sipping those many drinks for the incredible feat. The pair are 26 years old and from Sydney. They smashed the outdated report position set in the final year by Heinrich de Villiers from South Africa, who visited 78 pubs.

The duo began their journey at midnight to take advantage of late bar closing times. Per the rules, they couldn’t use private transportation like taxis and continued their adventure on foot. They were also banned from drinking more than 125 milliliters of any drink at each venue.

They were allowed to visit multiple locations in a row but could only stop at each pub once and for a maximum of 10 minutes. This included ordering, paying, and drinking while allowing time to walk between locations. They focused on beer, visiting venues such as Arbory Afloat and Petanque Social on the Yarra, Lucky Coq on Chapel Street, and Cherry Bar and Heartbreaker in the CBD.

It’s a remarkable achievement that may not be repeated anytime soon. The pair’s main reasons for attempting the task were to raise money for MS Australia, a non-profit organization dedicated to multiple sclerosis research, and help revitalize Sydney’s nightlife, devastated by legislation changes and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neither of the men isis aware whether they are still in the lead. They’re due to submit their evidence to Guinness in the coming weeks, and it’s expected to be confirmed sometime next month.

Another man is trying to break the record for most pubs visited in one day, but he has more modest goals. Damien Reilly, who runs Lowrys Bar in Galway, wants to write himself into the record books by visiting and consuming a beverage at 85 pubs around Connemara over the weekend of March 31 and April 1.

He plans to start at O’Connor’s in Salthill on Friday at 3 pm, box off all the pubs in Galway City, then head out to Moycullen, Oughterard, and finally his adopted hometown of Clifden.

The pub crawl will be filmed and broadcast on Irish television, and Reilly has already raised more than €6,000 for charity from his efforts so far. He has strict rules for his challenge, including buying every drink and keeping receipts. He’s also not permitted to take public transport between pubs and must either walk or hail a taxi between each location. He’s hoping to raise €30,000 for the Irish Multiple Sclerosis Association and €8,000 for other charities on his way to breaking the record. He’s far from his goal but determined to do it. For more information, see his website. You can donate to his fundraising campaign here.

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