How to Maintain Your Commercial AC Unit

The AC unit of your commercial space uses most of the energy. If they aren’t perfectly maintained, they will certainly consume a lot of energy and will leave you with huge electricity expenses. As you keep your commercial AC unit maintained, you do not only save a lot of money, but you also increase its lifespan by saving cost on early replacements.

Your HVAC either has a furnace and AC or a heat pump that both heats and cools. It is worth noting that both heating and colling units have an interior unit such as an evaporator and blower. Having said that, this quick guide will help you maintain your commercial AC unit hassle-free.

Don’t Strain Your AC Unit

When summer is approaching, it is quite tempting to turn down the temperature to the lowest setting. However, you should avoid doing it. Not only does it put a strain on the commercial AC, but it would hinder the quick cooling of the building.

That leaves many wondering what it takes to avoid such a situation. Well, you should set the thermostat to a consistently comfortable setting. This ensures you avoid the quick wear and tear of the unit and reduce the utility bill.

Replace Filters and Clean Vents

Commercial AC units stand more chances of collecting dirt, pollen, bacteria, and mold. It may hamper the working of filters and vents. For this reason, you should make it the norm to regularly maintain your commercial AC. A good way to go about this is replace the filters once a month, especially during the summers.

In the event you need professional help, you can reach out to a reputable commercial AC service provider. Moreover, be sure to clean the vents regularly to keep air circulating. This helps stop the spread of bacteria and viruses throughout the commercial property.

Maintaining an apt temperature is vital at the commercial place. After all, even the slightest change in temperature has the potential to affect employee efficiency and may hinder productivity. No wonder you should ensure your commercial AC unit is up and running at all times.

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