What You Need to Know about Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak kitchen cabinets are a popular kitchen design worth trying. They are widely relied upon due to the durability and timeless look. These versatile cabinets typically feature a significant amount of unique grain which can impact the aesthetic of the kitchen depending on the hue.

The good thing about Oak kitchen cabinets is that they’re less expensive than its cherry and maple counterparts, making them a favorite for homeowners and industry professionals alike. Oak kitchen cabinets beauty emanates from its variety of hues.

In most cases, you will see a wide range of colors and textures within the wood, and may even spot touches of minerality in the grain. You should keep in mind that Oak kitchen cabinets tend to have open grain patterns that are distinguished by light-reflecting rays. The hardwood used in making these cabinets is heavy, durable, and exceptionally wear-resistant which prevents dings and curves.

Considering the grain on both white and red oak hardwood is visible through stains and paints, it is in your best interest to go natural, glazed, or varnished oak cabinets. That way, you can better show-off the natural texture of the wood. But remember other wood species may offer a smoother surface for painted kitchen cabinets.

Due to its distinctive traditional look, Oak kitchen cabinets pair perfectly with glass doors. For an updated rustic look, be sure to use dark bronze or cast-iron knobs and black appliances. To attain a modern aesthetic, combine light stone countertops with stainless steel appliances.  There is nothing wrong with using the saved cost from reasonable Oak kitchen cabinets to allocate more to modern fixtures.

You might wonder, what color countertops go with Oak kitchen cabinets. Well you should consider contrasting dark oak cabinetry with light granite countertops for a timeless aesthetic.  For light honey oak cabinetry, it would be ideal to pair with dark countertops for a polished and modern look.

The Bottom Line

Installing Oak kitchen cabinets will certainly help offer originality for your kitchen with a variety of color options and unique grain attributes. These kitchen cabinets are a timeless, durable choice for your space.

With proper design and thoughtful appliance and accessory selection, be rest assured you will create a beautiful look that lasts for generations to come. Fret not, since you can now buy the highest quality Oak kitchen cabinets online even on a budget.

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