What You Need to Know about Light Industrial Rental

eCommerce has totally transformed the economy around the globe, including the industrial property market. As the global supply chain and politics have led to the demise of the manufacturing sector in different parts of the world, online retail seems to be reviving it from its deep slumber through the growing demand in the light industrial property market.

Now more than ever, businesses are perfectly placed to offer faster service and lower shipping rates. But before opting for what a light industrial rental service offers, it always pays off to have an insight into what you’re dealing with in the first place.

Fret not since that’s what this quick guide will help you uncover today, Read on to find out more before deciding on anything.

What is a Light Industrial Property?

In a nutshell, light industrial property is an industrial space for assembly, production, and storage of goods. The average light industrial property mostly spans no more than 120, 000 square feet. Any product produced in a light industrial unit goes directly to customers, unlike heavy manufacturing that offers goods for other businesses.

When using class order, light industrial rental properties fall under Class B2. They belong to the use classes retained in the new use class order. Light industrial properties don’t cause too much noise, allowing them to stay close to neighborhoods compared to heavy manufacturing properties.

The Growing Demand for Light Industrial Spaces

There’s no denying that online retail businesses are now exploring more efficient ways to join the last-mile strategy market trend by choosing the untapped goldmine of light industrial rental units. While the aesthetic of the industrial properties is not as pleasing as commercial spaces, it still holds a lot of opportunities for business owners to save on expenses.

It is worth noting that the structure of light industrial units has a wide floor area with high ceilings and industrial-grade HVAC units. Unlike heavy industrial properties, light industrial rental units are also not specifically designed for distinct production processes and come as a blank canvas.

Among the attractive features of light industrial rental units, its equipment-ready facilities are the most sought-after standards for most businesses. The energy capacity is mostly higher than commercial space, which will no longer require you to deal with the local energy provider.

Be sure to leverage a reputable light industrial rental service to stand a better chance of reaping maximum benefits.

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