X on Track to Profitability in 2024, Says CEO

Chief Executive Officer Linda Yaccarino said that social media platform X could see a turnaround in its financial fortunes as early as 2024. Yaccarino, also a former exec at NBCUniversal, commented in a wide-ranging interview at Vox Media’s Code conference. The appearance

Libya Floods: Death Toll Could Double, Minister Says

On Wednesday, a harrowing picture was emerging from eastern Libya as bodies were washing ashore in the wake of a storm that swept whole neighborhoods out to sea. The death toll is likely to rise, with thousands already confirmed dead and many

The Moon’s South Pole: A New Frontier for Space Exploration

As space agencies prepare to launch missions to Mars and beyond, the moon’s south pole has become a destination of intense interest. That’s because this permanently shadowed region could contain a valuable resource that would help astronauts survive and explore the planet:

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