Limited-Edition Ford Mustang GTD: The Most Powerful Mustang Ever Made

You may be surprised if you plan to purchase a Ford Mustang GT. The automaker has just pulled the wraps off a limited-edition version of its pony car, poised to turn heads with a staggering 800 horsepower and a $300,000 sticker. The 2025 Mustang GTD is an actual homologation special, with immense power and tech borrowed from the company’s race cars.

Ford is aiming for a Nurburgring Nordschleife lap time of less than seven minutes. Its specs include a 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine producing at least 800 horsepower and a carbon-fiber body replete with active aerodynamics. For example, a massive rear wing helps manage airflow and create downforce, while the front splitter and vented hood are also carbon fiber.

Inside, you’ll find Recaro seats, a rotary dial shifter, and Miko suede and leather trim. But it’s a stripped-down cabin, as the rear seats have been ditched in the name of weight savings. Moreover, the trunk has been replaced by a storage area that houses semi-active suspension components, including a hydraulic control system and transaxle cooling systems.

The Mustang GTD is the first street-legal vehicle to feature a dry-sump oil system, which can help reduce engine friction during hard driving. It will also be the first production car to use a dynamic suspension spool valve, which adjusts damper characteristics based on driving mode.

Ford hasn’t revealed how many Mustang GTDs it will build. The car starts life at Flat Rock Assembly in Michigan before heading to Multimatic in Markham, Canada, for handcrafting and precision tuning. Buyers can customize their cars with multiple interior color combinations and exterior appearance packages. They can even provide a sample for Ford to match, a service similar to Porsche’s Paint to Sample Plus option.

For those willing to shell out $300,000 for a high-performance sports car, Ford says it will ship its Mustang GTDs to New Zealand in late 2024 or early 2025. It’s a bold move for a company that has committed billions of dollars to building millions of zero-emission electric vehicles and has lost ground in the U.S. to competitors such as Tesla and GM. But if the Mustang GTD can pull off its ambitious goals, it could give European sports cars a run for their money.

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