India’s New Parliament Building: A Modern Icon of Democracy

The statement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi referring to the new parliament building as a “temple of democracy” highlights the significance and reverence accorded to the institution of parliament in India.

By associating the new parliament building with a temple, a place of worship and devotion, the Prime Minister aims to emphasize the sanctity and importance of democracy in the country. It reflects the belief that democracy is not merely a political system but a cherished value that must be revered and protected.

The term “temple of democracy” underscores the role of parliament as the cornerstone of India’s democratic framework. It is where elected representatives come together to debate, deliberate, and make decisions on behalf of the people they represent. The analogy signifies the sacred nature of these democratic processes and the responsibility placed upon the parliamentarians to uphold the principles of democracy.

In calling the new parliament building a temple, Prime Minister Modi likely seeks to evoke a sense of pride, reverence, and dedication towards democratic values. It conveys the idea that the new structure is not just a physical edifice but a symbol of the collective will and aspirations of the Indian people.

Overall, the use of the term “temple of democracy” by Prime Minister Modi reflects a deep respect for democratic ideals and a desire to emphasize their significance in the functioning of the nation.

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