How to Improve Access to Healthcare Services in Singapore

If you already know how technology has disrupted the healthcare sector in Singapore, you might already understand the essence of calling for a change. Actually, we desperately need progressive improvements in healthcare system to help change the country for the better. The good news is there are numerous ways to go about it.

Luckily enough, this is something you should no longer worry about considering key players like 1FSS are already doing their best to help make this possible. In this simple blog post, we take you through some of the most remarkable ways to improve access to healthcare in Singapore. Read this article to uncover more!

Business Model Innovation

When it comes to attaining meaningful scale and access, the main challenge falls on how  you combine investment and innovation built on a digital health network using an attractive business model. Since the global levels of disease are on a dramatic rise, there is a need to handle the current cycle of inconsistent access, rising costs, and failing health outcomes.

One of the best ways to go about this is by taking a new approach to traditional volume-based reimbursements in healthcare. Bear in mind this can serve as a constraint in the effective use of health data and the adoption of eHealth solutions.

Networked Care

Cloud-based services are gaining immense popularity when it comes to supporting improved access and outcomes, especially for populations in rural setting. For example, remote framing communities are mostly situated miles away from the specialist diagnostic and treatment services required to support complex diseases.

To overcome this hurdle, connecting regional care centers with specialists hubs of expertise, equipped with the staff and technology required by the patient. Networked care is also improving outcomes and experiences in chronic disease management. This is a key factor in the scope of Singapore innovation hub.

The Bottom Line

The potential of healthtech in Singapore offers more than some people might think at first. No wonder you need to keep pace with everything transpiring without being left behind. As a good starting point, you should consider partnering with 1FSS.

Being a captive shared service team, 1FSS supports a suite of finance services for Singapore’s entire public healthcare system, including the public hospitals, polyclinics and community hospitals. This ensures our public healthcare institutions can focus on their core mission of providing healthcare services.

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