Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Recruitment Firm

While RM6277 CCS and government IT jobs are being widely advised, it doesn’t mean you will land yourself a position that easily. With the ever-increasingly competitive job market, you must stand out from the crowd to get your dream job. Things are no different for government agencies that want to fil vacant positions.

Rather than struggling as you go about this decision, it would be ideal to enlist help from the best public sector recruitment agency. That’s not to mean you should leave the door for mistakes open with your hire since it could lead to regrets. Having said, below are three costly mistakes to avoid when hiring a recruitment agency.

Not Researching Enough

Most recruitments companies are fond of over-promising their deliverables. Performing an internet research can also be biased, limited, and layered when it comes to employment firms. Reading an article on the best government recruitment agent is not enough to help you land yourself ideal NHS IT jobs.

And this is no longer surprising considering every article tends to show different names and confuse you further. That’s why you should prioritize treating this onboarding like the onboarding for any employee. Be sure to know more about them online, have a word with them, or even ask questions.

Ignoring the Cost of Getting a Recruitment Agency

With the excitement of landing yourself a position in the many advertised IT public sector vacancies, it is easy to ignore the cost of working with a recruitment agency. But what you might fail to realize is that it’s among the key deciding factors and the cost varies greatly as per your requirements.

Go out of your way and get quotations and match the costs and benefits of each recruitment agency to make a valid decision that suits your company the best. Bear in mind a recruitment firm should help you save time and recruit the right people for your organization is less time.

Ignoring the Agency’s Credentials

It is vital that you consider checking the agency’s credentials before taking the next step of action. If you’re paying money for something, it is worth knowing that you’re getting what you pay for. To find the best IT recruiter for public sector, you need to check if the agency is registered with the relevant government body.

It doesn’t end at that since you need to check if an independent body accredits the agency. Does your recruiter belong to an industry association? If yes, be sure to ask how long they’ve been members and whether they have recommendations from other members who work with them regularly.

The Bottom Line

Never allow simple mistakes to be the sole reason why you’re struggling to find the best public sector recruitment agency to leverage. It narrows down to spending some time doing your homework before making this all-important hire. To help you find top performing hires for government, public sector and non-profit organizations, then you should look no further than Condor.

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