Andrew Tate Offers To Train Elon Musk For Cage Match You Will Not Lose

If you thought the world couldn’t possibly get any dumber, we have some terrible news: Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg might be going head-to-head in a cage match. The tech billionaires have been trading barbs on social media this week after Musk publicly challenged Zuckerberg to a fight. The wacky back-and-forth started after Zuckerberg’s Meta CEO company announced it was planning to release a competitor to Twitter called “Threads.” Musk, who owns Twitter, tweeted that he would be “up for a cage match.”

Former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate is now offering to train Elon Musk for the fight. The controversial online personality attempts to settle a score with Zuckerberg over his ban from Meta’s social media platforms, which he claims was punishment for his comments about vaccinations. Tate, who has a following of more than a million people on his YouTube channel, is currently on house arrest in Romania over alleged child pornography and human trafficking charges. He is facing up to 14 years in prison if convicted.

In the video, Tate says he will help prepare Elon Musk for his fight with Zuckerberg and promises he won’t lose. The prankster then adds that he is so confident that he will win that he is willing to put his money into the fight’s outcome. He then challenges Zuckerberg to send him their location so he can take them both out.

William Hill has already released odds for the match, and the bookmakers are backing Tate for victory. The MMA star is the clear favorite with odds of 1/7, while his opponent, the tech entrepreneur, is priced at 4/1.

If the match goes ahead, it will surely be one of the craziest events in modern history. Both men have an undeniable passion for martial arts and have spent time practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu and competing in tournaments. Zuckerberg is also keenly interested in the UFC and recently purchased a stake in an MMA team.

The fight could be an entertaining watch for the millions of people who will follow it on social media. It’s unlikely to be the most fought-out and technical bout of all time, but it will likely still be an impressive spectacle for fans.

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