According to filmmaker Ali Zulfikar Zahedi: Forget expensive actors and plan to launch new film stars to save the Film Industry

So you want to launch the next big movie star, huh? Forget about casting overpriced A-List actors. New performers with talent, charisma, and that something extra that audiences can’t take their eyes off of are what you actually need. In contrast to fading stars who want eight-figure wages and diva treatment, new faces are more captivating and bankable.

Forget the costly actors: Why new talent is required

It’s time for fresh talent to take center stage. Emerging performers have the ability to go viral and become instant social media sensations. Film magic is created by stumbling into talented undiscovered!
New actors mean lower costs and bigger rewards. Instead of blowing the budget on overpriced celebrities, take a chance on newcomers. Their social media followers will flock to support them, building buzz and boosting ticket sales. And who knows – you may just discover the next big star!

Fresh stories accompany new faces. Instead than recycling the same old stories, new talent sparks novel concepts and varied storytelling. Their particular experiences might help create original, culturally significant films that connect with viewers.

Casting unknowns is far more exciting these days. In the age of streaming and social media, people crave authenticity and representation. Familiar celebrities feel stale, while new faces capture our curiosity and imagination. Their raw talent and passion for the craft shines through, reminding us why we fell in love with movies in the first place. The future of film depends on new artists with new visions. We give voices that ought to be heard a chance to be heard by taking a chance on unproven actors and giving them a stage for their work. Start looking outside of the spotlight now because real star power is out there. With open minds and fresh talent, together we can save the film industry. The future is unwritten, so let’s give new actors a chance to shape it!

Why new talent is more important than celebrity names

The movie business has always relied on well-known celebrities to sell tickets, but in the age of social media and online stardom gone viral, up-and-coming talent is more valuable than ever. Finding and marketing brand-new, talented actors and actresses is essential for efficiently launching upcoming movie stars.

The best way to find emerging actors and actresses by  watching for emerging talent in independent movies, online series, student movies, and theater companies. Attend showcases, investigate social media sites such as YouTube and TikTok, and establish contacts with acting Teachers and coaches. More important than red carpet appearances are charisma, honesty, and raw skill. Reach out and establish a connection with up-and-coming musicians you deem potential. Offer them small parts to start so you can evaluate their abilities and on-screen presence.

The Rising Cost of Celebrity Talent

Casting fresh new faces is way more exciting than relying on familiar celebrities these days.  Up-and-coming artists and actresses have a big opportunity for viral success because social media gives ordinary individuals a platform to become overnight sensations. Film magic is created by stumbling into talented undiscovered!

Producers can locate a passionate rookie for a tenth of the price instead of paying millions for a well-known star. Viewers enjoy watching relatable new stars make their big break on the silver screen, and their social media following and built-in fan base give free promotion.

The next generation of cinematic stars is out there, just waiting to be discovered. The stars of tomorrow will be discovered by scouring acting programs, local theaters, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram for the hottest new talent. The development of fresh faces, voices, and narratives is essential for the film industry’s future. The secret to success in today’s entertainment industry is finding and promoting emerging actors and actresses with greatness potential. There may already be the next big name waiting to be found! That idea is intriguing, isn’t it? Fresh, young actors are the faces of cinema’s future, so start looking!

Why new faces are more relatable and authentic

Who doesn’t love discovering fresh new talent? When a film introduces an exciting new actor or actress, audiences instantly connect with them in a way that’s hard to do with an established celeb. New faces appear more genuine and relatable. We get to see them develop as artists and establish their careers from the ground up. Their performances are honest and genuine. And because we don’t know who they are, it’s simpler to become lost in the personas they play.

Casting emerging actors in lead roles is also a smart business move. They’re more affordable and help keep production costs down, freeing up budget for high quality scripts, cinematography, and effects. Their enthusiasm and work ethic tend to be stronger too, as they have more to prove.

The film industry needs fresh blood to stay vibrant and relevant. New faces bring new stories, new perspectives, and new opportunities for connection. While big name celebrities will always have their place, seeking out emerging talent should be a top priority. The next generation of movie stars is out there—we just have to find them!

Going Viral on Social Media & how social media has democratized fame

The rise of social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others has made it simpler than ever for unknown actors to get found. Instead of spending money on expensive marketing campaigns, aspiring celebrities can now build their own followers by releasing short movies, behind-the-scenes clips, and other interesting stuff.

An unknown performer can earn millions of admirers apparently overnight with a single viral video. Their meteoric rise to popularity is a studio executive’s dream—audiences already love them, so their movies are nearly certain to succeed. Compare this to the significant financial risk of hiring a well-known A-Lister.

Finding fresh new talent is an exciting challenge! Here are some tips to help you discover and promote emerging actors and actresses:

The film business is eager for new talent, and discovering unknown actors and actresses may just save the day. With social media providing a platform for ordinary people to become overnight celebrities, up-and-coming stars have the potential for massive viral success. Finding talented unknowns is how cinematic magic is created!

·       Scour the Internet

Look for people with acting skills on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Nowadays, many aspiring performers promote themselves online. Seek out persons who have a lot of charisma and followers. Reach out to those that pique your interest—they may be the next big thing!

·       Hold Open Auditions

Make audition announcements on social media and your website. Invite folks to submit video auditions or come in person to audition. Be open-minded; the ideal candidate for a post may not be who you expected. Some of the most important discoveries are made by chance!

·       Visit Local Theater

Look for plays at local community theaters, improve comedy clubs, and acting schools. It’s a time-honored tradition to strike gold in a tiny production. Approach actors who have impressed you; they will almost certainly leap at the chance to audition for film or television.

·       Scout Acting Schools

High school, college, and private school acting departments are breeding grounds for exciting new talent. Contact theater professors to see if they have any notable pupils they would recommend for auditions. Young, well-trained performers are blank canvases waiting to be shaped into stars.

·       Take a Chance on New Faces

Casting unknown actors in lead roles is risky but rewarding. Lesser-known names are more affordable and help keep budgets under control. And if an unknown performer ends up becoming hugely popular, you’ll look like a genius for discovering them! The search for untapped talent may seem daunting, but uncovering the next big star will make it worth your while. The future of film depends on taking chances on fresh new faces.

·       Host an open casting call.

Make an announcement for an open audition and watch who comes up! An open call allows you to find applicants who you would not have found otherwise. Make audition materials available in advance so that you can watch raw, unprepared performances. You might just stumble upon someone with massive untapped potential.

·       Create a talent development program.

Starting an internship, apprenticeship, or talent agency training program is a great way to scout up-and-coming actors. Not only will you discover promising new talent, but you’ll be able to nurture and shape performers at the start of their careers. Help them gain experience and make valuable industry connections. With your support, the stars of tomorrow could rise!

·       Promote your discoveries.

Make use of your platform to showcase the new talent you’ve discovered. Put them on your website or social media, send them to online acting directories and job boards, and connect them with industry insiders. Give your rising stars the chance to shine and obtain their big break. Assist them in becoming famous and making a name for themselves! Finding the next generation of movie stars is difficult but rewarding work. You’ll be promoting the hottest emerging acts with a passionate approach, an eye for talent, and a willingness to pave the way.

·       Working With the Best Directors to Elevate a New Face

A smart director knows how to instill confidence in fresh performers and encourage them to open out on camera. When new performers are teamed with directors who believe in them, appreciate their strengths, and push them beyond their comfort zone, the results may be spectacular.


You have the power to change Bangladesh Film Industry for the better. Stop waiting around for the next big blockbuster and start seeking out fresh talent in your own backyard. Who knows, that charismatic barista at your local coffee shop or hilarious improve actor at the comedy club down the street could be the next big star. Unearth hidden gems in your community and give aspiring actors a chance to shine on the silver screen. Together, we can save the film industry one new discovery at a time.

Forget about the expensive, contentious, or declining celebrities. Discovering and promoting new talent is the most successful technique to generate interest in new movie stars. Emerging actors have the ability to capture viewers and launch a long, successful career with the proper roles, competent collaborators, and a promotional plan focused on their true and relatable brand.

Giving a breakout role to a fresh face is a Win-Win. It gives aspiring actors and actresses their first big chance at stardom. And for audiences, there’s something thrilling about watching a star being born before your eyes. When an unknown talent bursts onto the scene and into our hearts, it reminds us all that overnight success is still possible. With talent, passion, and the right opportunity, an unknown face today could become our next biggest star.

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